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After one week, our STEP IT UP program has seen a remarkable start.  The numbers are much better than expected and our athletes seem to be responding.  That is great new for all of our programs.  Last week was a hot one.  Our trainer, Jaz and Eric, monitored the weather almost hourly to make sure that our athletes are safe in the hot and humid weather.  If the measurements for heat and humidity get to high they cancel the workout or bring the athletes inside to a cooler place and continue with the program.  Last week, Jaz noticed what she thought was affecting many of the athletes and gives us this advice.


As an athlete, exercise is not the only important part of improving.  You must make sure you are eating the proper nutrients, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping enough. 

Eating: Please make sure your athlete is eating before they go to a practice or workout.  They do not have to have a full meal, but they need a high energy snack so they do not crash half way through their practice.  It is best to have a shake full of high quality carbohydrates before the workout and have protein after the workout to help recover.

Drinking: Proper hydration can prevent cramping, heat exhaustion, and mental/physical fatigue.  At Step It Up we are constantly having water breaks to make sure the athletes are getting enough water, especially since it is hot out.  It is just as important to hydrate after the workout and through out the day.  The easiest way to tell if you are properly hydrated is by assessing the color of your urine.  If it is really dark in color you are not getting enough fluids throughout the day. You want your urine to be a light yellow color.

Sleeping: This is when your body gets to recover from your workout.  It is best to wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day to get your body on a schedule. Aim to get 7-10 hours of sleep each night.  Recharge throughout the day with a 20 minute nap, no longer, for ideal recovery.