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It does not look like it outside but Spring Sports is here!!  All spring sports start today.  Practices have been scheduled and announcements made, but here is a run down for the next two days. We still have the boys basketball team playing in the tournaments and if they win or lose determines when practices will be.  It can be very confusing, but here is what we have.

At the HS:


              MONDAY:                                                               TUESDAY

HS GYM:      Balcony\Gym\Halls    
SOFTBALL no practice                  3:00-4:30  Softball\ 4:30-6:30  Boys Ball

3:00-5:00      TRACK     B\Halls                          3:00-5:00 B\Halls
3:00-5:00      SOCCER  B\G                               6:30-8:00 G\B
5:00-7:00      BLAX         B|G                              8:00-0:30  G\B
3:00-5:00      TENNIS     WR RM                        3:00-5:00  WR

At the MS:

6:00-8:30      BASEBALL  MS BIG GYM           5:00-7:00

GLAX                                           7:00-9:00

4:00-5:30      GOLF   MS SMALL GYM             5:00-6:30

IF they BOYS don’t win the MS stays the same, the HS the schedule is:


3-5  Soccer

5-7  BLAX

7-9  Softball